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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Artist of the Month - Kristin Radakovitz of RadWear

Kristin says: I have always loved to make art of any kind, I began drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil and later received a B.A. in studio oil painting from Indiana University. I also loved to play dress up and play with style. I recently have combined my love for style and creating art by creating RadWear, my line of clothing and accessories. I especially love to use recycled material from old clothes and hats and make them into something new and colorful.

One of my favorite new products is what I call an urban tool belt, which is a cute and one of a kind pocket belt that helps you carry stuff while keeping your hands free.

I call my line RadWear because although my last name is Radakovits, it also contains the words RAD WE AR, reminding us that we're all RAD people, whose expression through clothing can be as bright, bold and as beautiful as we want it to be.


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